Angry bull ant the world’s most dangerous

Angry bull ant the world’s most dangerous

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Guinness World Records certifies that the world’s most dangerous ants are Australian.

Almost all the 90 or so species of bull ant are endemic to this country. Also known as bulldog ants, sergeant ants, jumper ants and by other worrisome names, they’re easily provoked into angry and aggressive behaviour.


Bull ants often have bright red or orange colouration. The can grow up to 40mm long, have large eyes, impressive jaws and a very venomous sting.

Bull ants live underground, but exit en masse to deter intruders from getting too near the entrance to their nest. With well-developed vision, bull ants are known to track and chase interlopers. The jumper ant species is so bold that it leaps at victims!

Anything not smart enough to get out of the way can expect to be grabbed by a bull ant’s jaws, or mandibles, before being injected repeatedly by the sting on the end of its abdomen.

While it’s usually other insects on the receiving end, humans need to be cautions in the vicinity of bull ants. Their sting is extremely painful and can cause dangerous allergic reactions in some people. “On a few occasions this sting has been enough to kill adults within 15 minutes,” cites Guinness World Records.

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