Argyle pink diamond adorns Kimberley Sunset gold coin

Argyle pink diamond adorns Kimberley Sunset gold coin

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In far north Western Australia lies the stunning wilderness known as the Kimberley. This vast and complex outback region encompasses ancient gorges, waterfalls and cave systems, incredible rock formations, white sandy beaches, pockets of lush rainforest, and a wide variety of wildlife.

Famous for its spectacular sunsets which ignite the evening sky with vivid pinks, oranges, reds, purples and blues, the Kimberley attracts visitors from every corner of the globe, who travel far and wide to experience the magic of one of Australia’s most incredible natural treasures.

The image of a boab tree lit up by the setting sun is synonymous with this region’s landscape. The iconic boab tree is a unique symbol of the area, with some growing to more than 1,500 years old. In the fading outback light, these majestic trees are truly something to behold.

2015 Kimberley Sunset 2oz Pink Gold Proof High Relief Coin

Our latest release in conjunction with Argyle Pink Diamonds celebrates Western Australia’s magnificent Kimberley region. Struck from 2oz of 91.67% pink gold in proof quality, the stunning high relief coin depicts a boab tree amid a Kimberley landscape at sunset – with an Argyle pink diamond embedded near the horizon to represent the setting sun.


From a limited mintage of 500, just 440 of these extraordinarily rare and precious coins will be issued by The Perth Mint in a black designer case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.



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