End dates clarified for more popular coin series

End dates clarified for more popular coin series

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Australian Map Shaped Ten-Coin Series

Our popular Australian Map Shaped releases featuring imagery of native animals is now officially a Ten-Coin Series.

The final coin, featuring Australia’s iconic wild dog – the dingo – will be issued in October 2016.

Collectors who’ve followed these coins with the aim of acquiring the complete series now have their objective clearly in sight.

  • 2012 Kookaburra – Sold Out
  • 2012 Emu – Sold Out
  • 2013 Kangaroo – Sold Out
  • 2013 Platypus – Sold Out
  • 2014 Koala – Buy Now
  • 2014 Saltwater Crocodile – Buy Now
  • 2015 Wedge-tailed Eagle – Buy Now
  • 2015 Redback Spider – Buy Now
  • 2016 Great White Shark – Buy Now
  • 2016 Dingo – Future Release (Final)

Treasures of the World ‘Locket’ Coins

Treasures of the World now comprises three silver coins and three gold coins.

  • 2013 Europe – Garnet
  • 2014 Australia – Gold
  • 2015 North America – Turquoise

Originally conceived as a five gold and five silver coin program, the final two annual releases have been cancelled as a result of production issues.

View available coins in this series here.



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