Greek Gods take coin collecting to new heights

Greek Gods take coin collecting to new heights

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Greek mythology can be defined as a collection of stories about the gods, goddesses, heroes and rituals of the ancient Greeks. The legendary tales were once an integral part of everyday life, used to explain everything from religious rituals to the weather, or to provide justification of social or political institutions.

Passed down over hundreds of generations, today they remain an important part of Greek culture and are recognised for their profound influence on western civilisation as a whole.

Gods of Olympus 12-Coin Set

At the centre of Greek mythology is the pantheon of deities who lived on Mount Olympus – the ‘12 Olympians’.

The Gods of Olympus 12-Coin Set is an extraordinary release featuring richly illustrated portrayals of the most famous Greek gods and goddesses. Each coin is struck in high relief from 2oz of 99.9% pure silver with an antique finish giving it the appearance of an age-old artefact.

The “12 Olympians”

  • Zeus – supreme ruler of Mount Olympus
    The coin shows Zeus sitting on a throne with an eagle perched on his right hand and a lightning bolt, which he used as a weapon, in his left.
  • Hera – goddess of women and marriage, queen of the Olympians
    Hera, the wife of Zeus, is portrayed on a throne wearing a cylindrical polos crown, with her symbols including a pomegranate and three peacocks.
  • Poseidon – god of the sea
    Armed with his trident, Poseidon is depicted emerging from the waves in a chariot pulled by two sea-horses known as hippocampi.
  • Demeter – goddess of agriculture and harvest
    Demeter is portrayed collecting grapes while also holding a scythe amid a wheat crop in which there are two chickens.
  • Athena – goddess of wisdom, patron of the city of Athens
    Depicted with a spear and a shield with Medusa’s head on it, Athena is shown with an owl on her shoulder in front of a temple amid olive trees.
  • Apollo – god of music, healing and medicine, the sun and light, and truth
    Apollo is seen playing his golden lyre in a garden where the nymph Daphne, subject of his unrequited love, is transformed into a laurel tree.
  • Artemis – goddess of chastity, virginity, the hunt, the moon, and the natural environment
    Drawing a bow and arrow, Artemis in depicted in the forest at night against the moon and stars with a large stag in the background.
  • Ares – god of war, and the son of Zeus and Hera
    In the midst of a raging battle, Ares is pictured in full body armour holding the staff of his weapon and a large shield.
  • Aphrodite – goddess of love, pleasure and beauty
    In a visual reference to her birthplace, the beautiful Aphrodite is illustrated sitting on a rock with her sacred swans nearby.
  • Hephaestus – god of fire, blacksmiths, sculptors, metallurgy, volcanoes and architecture
    Son of Zeus and Hera, and husband of Aphrodite, Hephaestus is shown hammering a sword on a blacksmith’s anvil.
  • Hermes – god of trade, eloquence, and a messenger of the gods
    Running through the sky, Hermes is portrayed with his kerykeion or staff, leather messenger pouch, winged traveller’s hat and talaria or winged sandals.
  • Hestia – goddess of the hearth, home, family, domestic life and architecture
    Seen kneeling in front of a kitchen fire, the kind and forgiving Hestia is surrounded by pots and pans containing a variety of foods.

Limited Availability

Presented in a luxurious black presentation box containing three trays of four coins, this superb release is limited to a maximum mintage of only 1,000 sets.



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