Monster coin portrays ultimate prehistoric predator

Monster coin portrays ultimate prehistoric predator

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It was the flesh-eating monster that terrorised North America more than 65 million years ago. King of the tyrant lizards, Tyrannosaurus rex was a ferocious beast that literally ripped victims to shreds in its eagerness to devour them.

Standing up to 12 metres high, T. rex had a large, muscular tail essential for balancing its colossal neck and head. With only puny arms, its fearsome reputation was the result of massive jaws equipped with spitefully serrated dagger-length teeth.

Testament to its awe inspiring violence, palaeontologists believe that in one mouthful, T. rex could tear away more than 200 kilos of its victim’s muscle, bone and organs. The ultimate prehistoric predator probably swallowed small dinosaurs whole!

2017 Tyrannosaurus Rex 5oz Silver Proof Coin

The head and jaws of T. rex are portrayed on this king sized coin struck by The Perth Mint from 5oz of 99.99% pure silver in proof quality. The daunting image depicts the ravenous beast’s gaping mouth and lethal incisors salivating over the prospect of another kill.

Avoid being gobbled up in the rush – for with only 500 of these demonic dinosaur coins available for sale, it’s highly likely they’ll cause a feeding frenzy among collectors!



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