Silver coins hail Frozen success

Silver coins hail Frozen success

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The public simply adored Frozen, Disney’s 53rd animated feature based loosely on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, The Snow Queen.


Elsa, recently crowned Queen of Arendelle, possesses icy magic powers that she is increasingly unable to control. After arguing with her younger sister Anna, she inadvertently unleashes perpetual winter on the kingdom and flees to North Mountain where she takes lonely refuge in an ice palace.


Meanwhile, Anna determines to re-unite the pair and return summer to Arendelle. Accompanied by iceman Kristoff, his reindeer companion Sven, and Olaf the comical snowman,  she tracks down Elsa in her shivery sanctuary. But with mystical trolls and magic at every turn, the sisters’ road to reconciliation proves harrowing – until, in true Disney tradition, ‘love’ saves the day and the sun once again shines brightly on the inhabitants of Arendelle.

Disney Frozen – Magic of the Northern Lights Coin Collection

Frozen generated an avalanche of fans. Audiences empathized particularly strongly, it has been suggested, with the struggles of its flawed heroine and also its dedication to family. A Disney masterpiece, it picked up a swag of honours, including the OSCAR® for best Animated Feature Film at the 2014 ACADEMY AWARDS®.

Now the lead characters from the phenomenally popular movie can be celebrated with these 1oz silver coins officially licensed by Disney. Presented in storybook-style packaging, they picture Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven under a shimmering representation of the Northern Lights – perfect for fans of one of Disney’s most enchanting films yet!

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