Special Star Trek release – Gold-Pressed Latinum Slip

Special Star Trek release – Gold-Pressed Latinum Slip

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Screen-used costumes, props and other entertainment memorabilia have been achieving remarkable prices at auction. According to science fiction, fantasy and entertainment site borg.com, a blue uniform worn by Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy sold recently for as astonishing US$84,000.

This month sees further interesting news for dedicated fans of the legendary franchise. In a move that has the potential to excite devotees of Star Trek memorabilia as well as precious metal collectors, The Perth Mint has announced a limited release of gold-pressed latinum slips.


“Never Allow Doubt to Tarnish Your Lust for Latinum” – the Ferengi are obsessed with Latinum.

In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, latinum is a rare silver-coloured liquid prized by many civilizations in the Alpha Quadrant, particularly the Ferengi Alliance. In order that it can be used as a tradable currency, liquid latinum is suspended within gold or gold dust to form a variety of denominations – bricks, bars strips and slips. (The gold served only as a carrier for the latinum and was worthless to the Ferengi!)

Among Earthly collectors, interest in gold-pressed latinum is significant, with this blogger suggesting the price of genuine screen used examples has doubled “to the point where it costs almost as much as real gold!”

That’s fascinating because as a special addition to our Star Trek coin program, the Mint has crafted a maximum of 5,000 latinum slips plated in precisely that – real gold! Unfortunately, the difficulties of sourcing latinum proved insurmountable, so instead each one is actually filled with one solid ounce of 99.9% pure silver.


Like the coins, Deep Space Nine Gold-Pressed Latinum Slips are officially licensed products endorsed by CBS – an all-important factor for astute collectors. Each one is presented in a timber case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity confirming the low quantity that will ever be released. A rare and unique Star Trek collectable, don’t hesitate to secure yours before the Ferengi attempt to corner the market!

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