The Perth Mint announces commemorative coins celebrating Steven Spielb

The Perth Mint announces commemorative coins celebrating Steven Spielberg’s new blockbuster READY PLAYER ONE

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READY PLAYER ONE is Steven Spielberg’s new science fiction action adventure that’s destined to become one of the smash hits of 2018.

The movie is based on Ernest Cline’s 2011 novel of the same name, an international cult classic that’s been translated into more than 20 languages.

Set in 2045, the storyline spans two realities that could not be more different: one a bleak dystopian landscape where humans are barely existing; the other a vast virtual utopia called the Oasis (Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation), where people can go anywhere, do anything, and be anyone – with no rules or limits.

READY PLAYER ONE is slated for release in March 2018.

James Halliday, the late creator of the Oasis, spun his virtual world from the era in which he grew up – the 1980s. His death triggers a global virtual scavenger hunt as he leaves a video announcing that whoever finds the Easter Egg he has hidden somewhere deep in the Oasis will inherit total control of the vast virtual universe and his entire fortune.

Wade Watts barely eeks out a miserable existence in the real world. He is a lonely introvert living with an aunt who barely tolerates him in one of the many dilapidated trailer homes piled onto each other in the ‘Stacks’. But in the Oasis, Wade is Parzival, a warrior who is confident, skilled, brave, and ready to take on any challenge. Wade is a Gunter, the nickname given to those who are dedicated and idealistic Egg hunters who have never given up on their dream to find the three keys and keep the Oasis free from the greedy hands of the corporate IOI (Innovative Online Industries Corp). Despite the challenges Wade/Parzival faces, he remains unwavering in his determination to find the clues to unlock Halliday’s Easter Egg.

He bands together with Samantha/Art3mis – a tough, fearless and confident Gunter who is a legend in the Oasis – along with his best friend Aech, a fellow Gunter and warrior with unmatched mechanical skills, and Daito and Sho, an inseparable duo fashioned after samurai warriors and ninjas. Together, they are the “High Five”.

The High Five’s idealism sets them apart from the IOI leader Nolan Sorrento who has unleashed his “Sixers” to beat them to Halliday’s Easter Egg in order to inherit and control the virtual world. He will stop at nothing to absorb the Oasis into the already vast empire of the IOI, the exclusive supplier of haptic gloves, visors, and other sensory gear needed to enter the Oasis.

READY PLAYER ONE 1oz Silver Proof Coins

The Perth Mint under licence with Warner Bros. is delighted to bring collectors of official movie memorabilia a stunning range of 1oz pure silver coins celebrating READY PLAYER ONE. The initial releases depict Parzival and Art3mis.

Wade’s OASIS character, Parzival’s name is derived from Percival, one of the legendary Arthurian knights who sought the Holy Grail.

Art3mis is the avatar of the highest-ranking female Gunter, whose name is an adaptation of Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunting.

Appealing to modern blockbuster audiences as well as nostalgic ’80s gamers, READY PLAYER ONE is set to continue Spielberg’s reputation as the director and producer of some of Hollywood’s most influential and popular films. Each superbly struck coin, which comes in outstanding display packaging, represents a meticulously crafted collectable offering fans a perfect memento of his incredible movie making skills.

Future READY PLAYER ONE coins will feature Wade’s friends Aech, and Daito and Sho.

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