What’s new? Perth Mint collector coin releases for May 2017

What’s new? Perth Mint collector coin releases for May 2017

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Each month The Perth Mint has pleasure in offering an exclusive new range of modern numismatic coins for collectors and gift buyers.

For the many fans of Australian high reliefs coins, this May presents an opportunity to add to your collection with outstanding versions of the 2017 Australian Kookaburra in 1oz and 5oz of pure silver.

Classic Australian coin design featuring our most famous animal icon can also be acquired in the shape of the 2017 Australian Kangaroo 1oz Silver Gilded Edition, which features a meticulously applied layer of 24 carat gold over the representation of a bounding ’roo.

For collectors of less traditional coins, there’s some exciting releases from the ‘pop culture’ genre.

First Officer Spock, mainstay from the sci-fi classic Star Trek, appears as himself and also his alter ego on a CBS authorised 1oz silver memento celebrating Mirror, Mirror – one of the most memorable episodes from The Original Series.

Younger fans of space adventures will be delighted by the availability of a five coloured coin collection featuring Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – which comes in spectacular packaging along with a number of bonus gifts.

If you’d like something else to get your teeth into, then don’t miss the spectacular new T-REX dinosaur coin, or the latest addition to Deadly and Dangerous, the Bull Shark!

Click on the electronic bulletin above to discover this month’s complete line-up of new releases or visit Recent Releases on The Perth Mint web page.



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