Young find appeal in modern coins

Young find appeal in modern coins

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Share_Your_StoryCoin collecting might be considered an ‘old fashioned’ hobby, but modern collectables featuring pop culture icons like Doctor Who, Transformers and Star Trek are attracting the interest of more young people. Sioban from WA recently contributed this story about her interest in coins and how the recent purchase of a Star Wars release is helping to ignite a similar passion in her son.

“Over the last 2 years I have attempted to foster an interest in coin collecting in my two children.

While my daughter is really only interested in coins for their capacity to purchase wonderful pretty things, my son embraced the collecting idea, focusing firstly on fifty cent face coins. This appealed to him as we could find most of these coins in circulation with a little detective work and once friends and family knew that he was looking – coins started coming in like the jackpot of a slot machine.

It was not until we began working on this together that I realised how many fond memories I had of coin collecting as a child. Memories of the huge container my dad kept of the fifty cent coins ‘with the pictures on’ or the coins we received at school to mark the bicentennial.

I still have coins that were given to me when people returned from holidays; too small to bother exchanging; yet to me they seemed so exotic and special, from faraway lands.

My favourite thing in my collection, is a little coin purse my grandad gave me when we visited Ireland when I was twelve. I only got to meet my grandparents once, on that holiday. That little purse full of pennies is worth so much more than the metal they are cast from.


Delighted at the latest addition to his collection – Darth Junior with his new Star Wars coin.

_HanSoloNow my son and I look at the emails from the Perth Mint to see what new coins are coming (the wonders of this technological age) and I like to think that one day he will have warm memories of the two of us working on his collection; memories that are worth so much more – than money in the bank.”

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