1892-1915 Hungary Gold 10 Korona Franz Joseph Avg Circ (Random Year)


  • $201.42

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Emperor Franz Joseph I can be seen posing on this Hungarian Gold 10 Korona coin. These Gold coins are much more elusive than their Austrian counterparts and were minted for less than 25 years.

Coin Highlights:
  • Contains .0980 oz of Gold.
  • Each coin will be in protective packaging.
  • Obverse: A full length likeness of Franz Joseph I, emperor of Austria-Hungary, surrounded by the legend in Latin and the date.
  • Reverse: The crowned arms of the Austro-Hungarian empire with the value.
  • Struck by the Kremnitz Mint in Hungary.
This stunning Gold bullion coin is very popular for its .0980 oz Gold content and classic design. Add some of these Hungarian 10 Korona coins to your cart today!  

Gold 10 Koronas were first issued by the Austro-Hungarian empire in 1892 following the coinage reform adopted in that year. The last regular issue of the 10 Korona denomination for circulation was in 1915 during the last years of the reign of Franz Joseph I, during World War I when Gold coinage production ceased. 

Random dates (1892-1915) of our choice and limited to stock on hand. Most coins will be Extra Fine+, but a few lower grades may be found in this listing.

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